Jeff Vacek HoustonHey, Jeff Vacek here to continue your “guided coaching” series.

Now, onto today’s coaching and FINAL installment in your “guided coaching” series…

In my last email, I revealed that the BEST way to “Ladder Lead” to the success and wealth you desire is through a Personal Coach.

Well, here’s the best news of all:

I always encourage my students and clients to adopt the “TOP 1% Mentality“. Think of it this way.

If Time equals Money, then it makes absolute and complete sense to pay dimes TODAY so you can make dollars TOMORROW.

I would MUCH rather PAY someone to help me than drag my feet, knowing that the dimes I’m paying today to get MASSIVE results will yield me dollars that much sooner.

Plus, you avoid what I call “The Trap of Someday” where you’re constantly sitting there saying “Someday I’ll get it done, someday I’ll make the money I deserve”.

Forget that stinkin’ thinkin’!

You Can Have It ALL now with a PERSONAL COACH! How Can I PROVE it?

Because a coach is what allowed me to literally expand my income 20 times practically overnight.

And the Visibility, Affinity, Trust and Authority my coaches guided me to achieve has had me hang out, talk business and do deals with the likes of:

Jeff Vacek and Brett MichaelsEric Trump, Michael Buffer, Kathy Ireland, Glen Ledwell of Mind Movies, Nido Qubein, Loral Langemeier, Steve Wozniak, Rudy Guiliani and even ROCK superstar, Bret Michaels.

Not to mention being on several TV shows and radio shows.

Here’s what you need to know. All of this opportunity came to me because I had a *COACH*. And my income has absolutely skyrocketed as a result.

I’m talking about major speaking gigs on huge stages in front of multiple hundreds of people, major collaborations with top leaders in different industries, phenomenally lucrative joint venture opportunities, and many additional business ventures. ALL of these things suddenly “showed up” once I had a coach. And they will for you too.

A great coach will help you establish Authority in your market, which creates real and lasting wealth for you because of the opportunities it brings. This wealth gives you Freedom. Specifically, Freedom of Energy & Time.

And when you have THAT, what you really have are CHOICES.

Choices to do what you’ve always wanted to do.

Ask Yourself Right Now: If Time, Energy and Money were no longer a factor – “What Would You Commit Yourself To Doing?”

- Time with family, friends

- A Hobby you’re passionate about

- A Charity/Cause you’re involved with

- Your own Health and Well-Being

- Traveling The World

- __________________ ?

With a great coach, you get to choose.

Is life unfair?

Do you dislike your job or your current situation?

Well, you’re solution is to Get A Coach NOW!

My strategists and I want to help connect you with the right coach for your specific needs.

Give my office a call at +1 (888) 494-0511 right now. My strategists and I look forward to assisting you.

Thanks for reading your “guided coaching” series.

To Your Success,
- Jeff Vacek
+1 (888) 494-0511


Jeff Vacek HoustonHey, Jeff Vacek here with today’s installment of the “guided coaching” series.

In my last email, I shared with you the fourth step towards the top of the success and wealth ladder.

And I posed the Million Dollar question – “HOW do you put yourself in a position to serve the MOST number of your IDEAL customers?”

Well, here’s your FINAL step for creating the success and wealth you desire – and this is where the answer begins to fully reveal itself.


This is absolutely critical for you to truly achieve success.

Now let me be very clear that in today’s economy with all the choices people have and the noise in the marketplace, AUTHORITY represents your TICKET to the life and income you want.

Now, there’s a lot of misconception and negative connotation about what AUTHORITY means in the context of business.

To Establish Authority in your chosen industry or niche is to:

1) Have a respected voice in your market that your audience responds to.

2) Garner immediate credibility and influence within your chosen field.

3) Create a magnetic desire for people to do business with you (give you $$).

The bottom line is Authority represents your Ultimate Ticket to creating the HIGHEST level of business success – where money and freedom are NATURAL BY-PRODUCTS.

Think about that for a moment. How happy and content would you be if Money and Freedom were simply by-products of your efforts rather than the stress-filled rabbit that you’re constantly chasing?

And you have to remember…

Establish AuthorityThe Bottom Line: *AUTHORITY Represents your Ultimate Ticket* To Creating The Highest Level of Business Success – Where Money and Freedom are natural by-products.

Look, I’ve been through just about any situation you can imagine…

- Born Broke

- College Debt

- Got a “J.O.B.”

- Laid off 3 times

- Got really out of shape and overweight

- Massive Debt

After dealing with all that – What I Could Never Have Predicted: All It Took Was ONE Thing.

And I’ll tell you in the next email, so watch out for it.

But until then… remember, if you want help, right now please give my office a call at +1 (888) 494-0511. My strategists and I look forward to assisting you when you call.

To Your Success,
- Jeff Vacek
+1 (888) 494-0511


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